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School Policy

Live Stream & Live Classroom Standards

Live Stream Courses:  Live Stream Courses at the Iowa Real Estate Academy are hosted via Zoom Conference. Zoom log in information will be provided via email once student is fully registered for the course.  In accordance with the Iowa Real Estate Commission not only is full time attendance required, students and teachers must be able to see and hear each other at all times when using a platform such as Zoom.  Students are required to have a computer or device with both camera and microphone.

In addition, students are STRONGLY encouraged to be in a professional type setting (no driving or noisy areas), with few distractions such as people or pets.  Just remember, we can all see your activity so smoking, eating or lounging can all be seen as distractions by the entire group.

Live Classroom Courses:On the occasion a course or event is held in a physical location, the location information will be noted in the course description and in the confirmation email once the student has fully registered.