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Principles of Appraising & Market Analysis
About Lesson

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  • You must have 24 months of active salesperson experience before you can apply for a broker license.
  • Complete 60 hours of broker prelicense education within the preceding 24 months of passing the examinations.
    • Contract Law and Contract Writing – 6 hours
    • Iowa Real Estate Trust Accounts – 6 hours
    • Principles of Appraising and Market Analysis – 6 hours
    • Real Estate Law and Agency Law – 6 hours
    • Real Estate Finance – 6 hours
    • Federal and State Laws Affecting Iowa Practice – 6 hours
    • Real Estate Office Organization, Administration & Human Resources – 12 hours
    • Real Estate Technology and Data Security – 6 hours
    • Ethics and Safety Issues for Brokers – 6 hours
  • Complete a background check, which expires after 210 days, and may take up to 10 weeks to complete
  • Proof of Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Fill out the Application

Courses may be taken in any order and must be completed during the 24 months prior to license application. 

You must be 18 years of age or older. (You may actually sit for the exam before you are 18, but you MUST be 18 before you make the application for a license, which must be within six months after you pass the exam.) An applicant is not ineligible because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, residency, or citizenship, although the application form may require citizenship information. You must not have had an application rejected for licensure in this or any other state within twelve months prior to the date of application, and whose real estate license has not been revoked in this or any other state within two years prior to the date of application.

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