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  • Renewal periods are every three years and all licenses expire on December 31st.
  • 36 hours of continuing education are required with the following criteria: Law Update (8 hours), Ethics (4 hours) and Electives (24 hours)
  • Of these 36 hours, 12 hours must be live instruction.

“Live instruction” means an educational program delivered in a traditional classroom setting or by electronic means whereby the instructor and student have real-time visual and audio contact to carry out their essential tasks. (Zoom Conference)

“Distance learning” means a planned teaching/learning experience with a geographic separation of student and instructor that utilizes a wide spectrum of technology-based systems, including computer-based instruction, to reach learners at a distance. Home-study courses that include written materials, exercises and tests mailed to the provider for review are included in this definition. (Online Courses)

  • Buying Practices and Listing Practices can be used as renewal electives, Developing Professionalism and Ethics can be used as 4 hours of mandatory Ethics and 8 hours of renewal electives.
  • During each three year renewal period a course may be taken for credit only once. A course may be repeated for credit only if the course numbers and instructors are different.
  • There are no carryover hours for completed continuing education.
  • Create a My Iowa PLB account at  Be sure to use Chrome!
  • Keep all certificates, which is the individual agents responsibility, as you will now need to upload them at My Iowa PLB.

Original license fee and renewal fees are as follows:

License Type

Associated Costs







Branch Office


Trade Name


Additional Broker Officer License


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